At the initial screening, you may not have identified all the problems or may have missed them. In this case you will notice the shortcomings after you move in. This may be a pain because you purchased the house hoping to not worry about anything but in the end, you have to do the repairs and maintenance jobs. Things may be even worse than you thought. Termites may have eaten through the whole attic and you may have to replace a whole section. Many people dream of building their new house while some prefer an already built house. Built houses are simple and do not require months of building as oppose to building a house, which can take some months to build. Ultimately the decision rests on you. There are number of things that affect your decision. These will depend on your requirements. In general, most of the places sold are sold with a house. This is because people don’t have the time to build a house and it’s much more easy and convenient to get a house that is already built. All you have to do is move in to the house. Here’s a list of pros and cons of building a new house. 


Build the house as you like

When you build a house, you can build as you like. This means you can oversee every detail of the house. Even the material used can be decided from you. For example, you can choose whether you want laminate flooring Essendon, hardwood floor, thickness of the walls to the design of the house will rest on you. You can add further amenities if you want as well. This could range from pool to gym and reading room. The house would be perfectly made for all your needs. Your very own tailored house.

Everything is new and reliable

The house is new. You know everything about the house so you won’t have to worry about reliability later on. Most built houses may have underlying problems you may not know of but if you build the house yourself, you are aware of everything. There are no surprises. Further the house is reliable since it was built by you. Reliability of a purchased house is never guaranteed therefore building your house yourself makes it a safe choice for you and your family.



Building your own house can be time consuming. This means it will take quite a while before it’s finished. You may be busy and you may have to spend part of your time on the material used, the structure or even decide on the floor levelling of the house. This is a time-consuming process that you should be prepared to face. See this post to find out the best floor levelling.

Permits and legal consideration

When you build your house, you may need various permits and permissions to build certain elements. Some things can be built after you receive the permission. It could be more toilets or extra floors, it may need permits. Further there is the legal consideration that can limit the manner as to how your building the house.