Temporary barriers exist for many reasons, but you usually tend to find them around construction sites that have ongoing construction processes. There are many good reasons as to why construction sites need these barriers, and it is often a must to have them up before any work is started on the site. Here are some of the main reasons why these barriers need to be temporarily put up around these sites:

To comply with local regulations on building – the biggest reason why you should be installing a temporary barrier around the construction site you are working on is because the law dictates so. Most countries have construction laws that enforce the erection of temporary security fencing Alkimos until the constructions on the site are almost over, or in certain cases, fully complete. Not abiding by the laws can get troublesome pretty quickly, so it is in everyone’s best interests to have a barrier up before you start drilling on the site or breaking the buildings down.

To provide a warning to individuals passing by – the other most important reason why fencing contractors are called to first erect security barriers on the site is because this considerably ups the safety of work operations, both for the workers at the site, and for the passers-by and drivers outside of the site. Temporary barriers for construction sites tend to be very distinct and easy to recognize, and most pedestrians and drivers will take an effort to not deliberately pass close to the area. And of course, they also count as useful barriers for the few oblivious pedestrians who are lost in their own thoughts whilst walking!

To prevent unauthorized access to the site – you might believe that the above point is quite similar to this one, but there actually is a difference between deterring passers-by for safety reasons and preventing actual unauthorized entry to the site. For one, you always have the issue of reckless individuals trying to access dangerous sites for personal reasons, and if they get injured, dealing with the liabilities can often be very troublesome (even if they categorize as trespassers). And secondly, you can deter thievery and burglary attempts, which can and actually take place at construction sites.

To ensure that debris and materials stay within the site – another important reason to have temporary barriers up around your construction site is because this ensures that what is within the site stays within the site. This applies not only to important construction materials (that you bought and would likely not want to spend money on again to replace), but also to debris and waste generated during the construction process: littering and dumping this waste outside of your site in an uncontrolled manner can land you into legal trouble.